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Give Your Body A Boost Today With Centrum

Gone are the days where we can pop a couple of dinosaur or cartoon character grape-flavored vitamins. As we age, our bodies need more nutrients than those fun shaped tablets can provide. Fortunately, there are vitamins and multivitamins available that can give our bodies the boost they need.

During quarantine, many have started paying more attention to self-care, and ensuring that they are giving their bodies the required amount of calories, water, and rest. While these are great starts, there are some things that we cannot get from our food. Adding a multivitamin from Centrum can help to boost your immune system and body, and keep you feeling your best! From young adults to our wiser adults – Centrum has a vitamin that can give your body that little boost! 


We all have our preferred methods of taking pills. Some do not mind the hard-shell, while others prefer the gummy form. Centrum has you covered, no matter what your preference! With their hot deals for the month of September, you can stock up on your favorites! 

  • Centrum Silver Women’s & Men’s 100 ct = $9.08
  • Centrum Women’s & Men’s 120 ct = $9.08
  • Centrum Gummies 70 ct = $5.37


Don’t let these sweet savings pass you by! Be sure to stock up on your next visit to the Commissary! Visit the GSK page for more great deals, tips, and recipes!