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Googly Eye Spooky Tree #MMSCraft

Happy Friday crafters! The Halloween fun continues here on MyMilitarySavings and this week’s craft is a continuance from last week that the kids can help out with! We’ll be spook-ifying the glitter tree by making a Googly Eye Spooky Tree!

Googly Eye Spooky Tree

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Small tree or branches
  • Glow in the Dark Paint
  • Googly Eyes

Supplies Googly Eyes

Very simple and if you don’t have a small tree to decorate feel free to send the kids out and grab a branch or few sticks so you can glue or bind them together to make a small tree!

Let’s get started! The kids can totally help with this craft too! If you don’t mind them getting glow in the dark paint on their fingers and possibly everywhere else.

Glue on Googly Eyes

You can try two ways of getting the eyes onto the tree. Put the paint onto the eye and place it on a branch or you can put a small line of paint onto the tree then add the eyes.

glue googly eyes

Make sure that you put the eyes on flat spots on the branches. It might not hold if it’s too bumpy of a spot and you might have to add more paint. If you have issues you can totally hot glue the eyes onto the tree then add the glow in the dark paint over and around the eyes. There’s definitely options with this craft.

Googly Tree

How fun is this cute little tree?! And get this it really does glow in the dark! My boys love it so much!

Night googly eye tree

Sorry this picture is not the best quality. It’s hard to take pictures of things that glow in the dark. As you can see I also added “Boo” to the bottom of the tree. You can add little bows, maybe throw some spider webs on the tree too. You can definitely make it spookier!

Spooky E Tree

Make sure to share your Halloween crafts with us on social media by using the #MMSCraft hashtag.

Happy Crafting!!





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