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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Week 1

Harry Potter has not had the most happy of childhoods. He has been stuck in his cousins shadow from the very beginning. His aunt and uncle took him in after his parents died, but Harry was not treated as a true member of the family. From the beginning they pushed him to the side, favoring their son Dudley over Harry. In fact, most did not know another child lived in the home. You see, Harry slept in the closet under the stairs.

As Harry grows up, he wonders of course what happened to his family, but his aunt and uncle do not want to answer any of his questions. When anything goes wrong, or something unexplained happens, it is always Harry’s fault.

Harry gets his letter for Hogwarts but he has no idea what it is, or what the letter contains! Uncle Vernon takes the letter and burns every single one that is delivered to the house!! When it gets to much, Uncle Vernon loads them into the car and takes them out into the middle of nowhere, where he thinks they can finally get away from it all. But lo and behold, in the dark of night, a giant named Hagrid comes looking for Harry.

Harry can’t imagine that anyone knows who he is, and what in the world is Hogwarts? Hagrid tells Harry of his background and what happened to his parents, something that his aunt and uncle never told him.  Imagine finding out that you are wizard!

This week we are reading CHAPTERS 1-4


  1. What do you think of the decision to leave Harry with his aunt and uncle?
  2. Dudley, Harry’s cousin is very selfish. Do you gain anything by being selfish?
  3. Would you be excited to attend a school like Hogwarts?

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