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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Week 3

Harry is adjusting to life at Hogwart’s very easily, but at the same time, he has found a boy that is just as mean as his cousin Dudley. Draco Malfoy is one boy that will give Harry some trouble. He picks on everyone and anyone. While at flying practice, he took Neville’s remembrall and refuses to give it back! While attempting to retrive it, Malfoy and Harry ignore the rules to not fly, and they are caught by Professor McGonagall. Harry, instead of getting into trouble, is introduced to the game of Quidditch, as a seeker. He is one of the youngest people to ever play!

Ron, Hermoine and Harry are still searching for what was in vault 713, and they know it has something to do with Nicolas Flamel. But there is more to the mystery as well. While all students have been warned to stay away from certain parts of the castle, the trio finds themselves in the forbidden area, while hiding from Filch. And then of course, there is the matter of the troll that is loose in the castle! While Ron and Harry go after Hermoine who was hiding in the bathroom crying, they encounter the troll, in the bathroom with Hermoine!! They must save her, as well as themselves! Trolls are tricky creatures, but not the brightest either! They are known for being rather stupid, so how did this one find its way into the castle?? Harry is sure that Professor Snape has something to do with it, and tells Hagrid. Hagrid is not convinced, and he tells the trio leave the professor alone. But will they?

The mirror of Erised is a wonder to behold. The mirror reveals what the heart longs for. Harry looks in and sees his family, while Ron sees himself as the head boy and quidditch captain. Why is it in the castle?

This week we are reading Chapters 9-12


  1. Harry is almost killed at the quidditch game, and Hermoine and Ron think it was Professor Snape. Why would he want to kill Harry?
  2. Why do you think Draco Malfoy hates Harry Potter so much?


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