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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Week 4

The trio is no closer as of yet to figuring out who Nicolas Flamel is, but they are still determined to find out. As they start looking through other avenues of finding him, Harry remembers something. He remembers the name being on the back of one of his collector cards. Now that the first mystery is solved, they move on to what in the world Fluffy is guarding, who is trying to steal it, and how they will protect it.

With the name of the Sorcerer’s stone, and what it actually does, they work on trying to get figured how it will be stolen. They are still convinced that Professor Snape is after the stone, and run to Hagrid’s house to let him know that they have figured it out. But when they get to his hut, they find him with a Dragon’s egg! But dragon’s grow really fast, and they are turned into Professor McGonagall by Draco Malfoy. Because they were caught out of the school when they were supposed to be in bed, Malfoy, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are given detention. They are to serve that detention with Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest. Malfoy does not want to admit it, but he is afraid, as are the others. Someone has been killing unicorns in the forest, and Hagrid is in search of one that was wounded. While Harry and Malfoy are searching, they are confronted by something frightening, and Malfoy runs off. Harry meets his first centaur, and is escorted to safety, but the warning is given. Voldemort is back, although his profile is very low. Who else could want the stone, and who else would go to such lengths to get it! Professor Snape must be trying to steal the stone for Voldemort! Ron, Harry and Hermoine are determined to get the stone first…

This week we are reading Chapters 13-17


  1. Where in the world did Hagrid get a dragons egg?
  2. Professor Snape is NOT the one trying to steal the stone. Did the real culprit surprise you?
  3. With Voldemort set to return, do you think Hogwart’s will be able to keep Harry safe?


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