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Howliday Inn – Week 2

Chester and Harold are slowly settling into their new accommodations while their humans are on vacation. But there are sure some strange happenings going on at Chateau Bow-Wow. While the two get adjusted to their new companions, Chester is convinced that something is going on.. something sinister. For a while Harold tells himself that its all in Chester’s head, but then a strange disappearance puts the entire yard into an uproar.


Chester convinces Harold to investigate the crime with him, and just when Chester thinks he has it all figured out, the  unthinkable happens!


This week we are reading chapters 4-6



1. What do you think of all the animals at the Chateau Bow-Wow?

2. Louise has disappeared quite mysteriously, and the howling in the night has not stopped. Do you think werewolves are behind her disappearance?

3. Chester has determined that he knows what happened to Louise. Is he on the right track or is he bluffing?




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