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Howliday Inn – Week 3

Harold is alone.. he has had his best friend taken from him. Chester might have been annoying at times, but he was smart and good company. Harold is determined that he will solve the mystery of his friends death, and he begins by talking to each of the animals in the yard. Someone has to know something, but it seems that no one knows anything! Nothing was seen or heard. So what does it mean? Animals don’t just disappear, and poison does not just appear in food bowls.

In the meantime, Howard and Heather are acting more and more suspicious, but Harold cannot prove anything. Max, Georgette, Taxi and Lyle cannot be discounted either. The humans cannot be discounted either. Harrison and Jill could be behind it, but why? Harold is determined to find out, and he is relying on his friend Chester, at least the things Chester told him, to help.

As dinner is served, a mysterious message appears in the bottom of his dish. If only he could figure it out in time….


This week we are reading chapters 7-9



1. Chester said he had the entire mystery figured out. Do you think that is why he was poisoned?

2. What do you think “Help Howls Out Now” means?

3. Do you get homesick when you are away from home?




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