If I had Five Thousand Dollars

What is the Zantac® It™ Challenge? 

It is a guarantee that Zantac® will rush relief faster than Nexium® will,  or you get your money back!
You can enter for a chance to win $5,000 when you share your “Zantac® Experience” any time until  10/31/2017.

For details you can visit MyMilitarySavings.com or simply click on the first sentence (question) that is above at the very beginning of this blog!

How awesome would it be to win five thousand dollars!  Think of all the cool things you could do with that much money!!

I would take 10% of it to put towards the next family vacation my family takes, then 20% to go toward any bills (even to pay things off ahead of schedule), next I’d take another 20% to use as a extra buffer in our checking account (money for just in case, but that I don’t count as actually being there… because it’s a buffer not meant to be spent, so it’s not counted as part of the budget) and the remaining 50% I would put into savings (also money not meant to be spent, but is there incase of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance.   This is the frugal and responsible adult being a grown up me. Then, there is the kid in me, who says… “GO WILD” take the kids out on a spontaneous mini vacation, or use it to go visit family that is far away and you never get to see.  Then there is the thought of “GO CRAZY for the kids for Christmas!”  Oh, those do sound fun, but I’m afraid I would love it during the moment, but find myself kicking myself in the pants later on down the road for not doing the adult thing and not being grown up who is responsible and always planning ahead.  Which one would you be?  What would you do if you won five thousand dollars?