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Indian in the Cupboard – Week 4

Patrick has told Mr. Johnson, the headmaster, about Little Bear and Boone. He even showed him!! Mr. Johnson thinks he is seeing things, so he has to go home and lay down. But Omri is furious! He is tired of Patrick playing with them like they are toys! They are real people!! Omri forces Patrick to hand over Little Bear and Boone. He will take care of them for the rest of the day and then they can figure out what they are going to do.

But first, Omri has to make good on his promise to find a wife for Little Bear. He takes them to the toy shop after school so that he can pick one out. But the toy store owner accuses Omri of stealing a cowboy and Indian figurine! Thankfully Patrick comes to his rescue and they are able to leave. But when they get home, DISASTER! Omri’s brothers have hidden the cabinet from him, because one of his older brothers thinks that Omri has hidden his gym shorts from him. When they finally find the shorts and get the cabinet back, the key is missing, and to make matters worse, their rat has escaped his cage and is living under the floor boards in Omri’s room. The rat could kill Boone or Little Bear!! But they have to find the key! Without the key there is no wife for Little Bear, and they cannot return Boone and Little Bear to their own times.


This week we are reading Chapters 13-16


  1. If someone showed you a little plastic figurine that had some to life, what would you think?
  2. Omri and Patrick have to find a way to get Little Bear and Boone back to their own time, but with the key missing, how will they accomplish that?
  3. Do you think Patrick and Omri made the right choice in sending Boone, Little Bear and Bright Star back to their own time?

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