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Jamaica Inn – Week 4

Mary has walked in on the unimaginable at Jamaica Inn. As the horror unfolds before her, she rushes back out to the safety of the footman who accompanied her to the inn. While they wait, they hear the approaching sounds of the men who were on their way to capture her uncle and finally free them from the illegal activities that have been occurring at the inn. While the men search the remainder of the inn looking for her aunt, Mary waits outside. The squire questions her, and then turns his attention back to the events unfolding around them.

As Mary grieves for her aunt, she begins to wonder what will happen to her, and then the vicar shows up. He takes her back to his house, and as she rests, she is able to forget a bit. While alone in his house, she begins to look through the paintings and the paperwork that he has in his office. While doing so she finds a few things that make her wonder what sort of man this vicar really is. When he returns to the house, she lays the dinner while he gets some work done, and then as they eat, the horror begins to unfold for Mary once again. As they talk, Mary begins to understand what her uncle feared, and the fear begins to grow in her. This vicar is not what he appears, and when he forces Mary out of the house and into the darkness, she wonders what will happen to her. Her hope of Jem finding her seems slim as they head onto the moors and the unknown that awaits them there…

This week we are reading Chapters 15-18


  1. Mary does not trust Jem when he says he has a plan, so she formulates one of her own. Should they have worked together to ensure the downfall of Joss?
  2. While Mary is searching through the vicars desk and finds the drawing that he has done, should she have left immediately?
  3. Why is Mary so sure that Jem will find them?
  4. Did you enjoy the read?