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Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning – Week 1

Conner is missing his sister Alex something terrible. She has stayed behind in the Land of Stories as a Fairy-in-training, while Conner has returned to the real world, and school. Not everyone believes that his sister is in Vermont, but few have dared to voice it out loud. When Conner gets an invitation from his teacher to go to Germany to hear the last three stories that the Brothers Grimm wrote, he is excited about it, but has to figure out how he will pay for such a trip.

Meanwhile, Alex has continued with her fairy lessons, and is becoming quite the up and coming fairy. She tries her best to help out around the kingdom as she can, but she finds that not all those that she wants to help are grateful for it. In a bad mood and wanting to do something, she tries to help a farmer with a fence, but he yells at her, telling her that he does not want her magic. Instead, she drops her wand and grabs a hammer instead, building the fence out of wood. The farmers son has been watching all of this, and as she prepares to leave, he asks her to go on a walk with him.

While Conner and the other students have arrived with their teacher in Germany, he is about to get a huge shock. Two of the stories that he has written for his teacher, are in the capsule that have not been opened before. How could his stories have gotten there?? But when he hears the third story, he sees it for what it is.. a warning. Something is coming for the Land of Stories, and it will be happening soon. Will Conner be able to warn his sister in time to ward off danger?

This week we are reading Chapters 1-7


  1. The Brothers Grimm have done what they can to warn the Land of Stories. Do you think they could have added more details that only those who would understand could catch?
  2. Do you think Queen Red has learned to grow up a little?
  3. Why does Little Bo Peep want to become the queen?