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Let their imaginations soar..

… to great new heights!

It all starts..

More often than not, kids have the most fantastic, and wildest imaginations possible! As we listen to their little stories, we often think, we should write that down. Most of us NEVER do! In short, we lose such great memories that we could look back to and smile upon. Social media plays a HUGE role in today’s world, so we tend to record memories there. But who wants to try and attempt to remember where everything is. Things might change in the future, as social media changes often. But having something that you can save, just for them, is something that both you and your child will treasure forever. Children are always pleased to see their handiwork, especially when they can create their own masterpieces entirely from the ground up. With the summer break approaching, it can be fun to see what kids invent! Why not give them a go this summer and see what they can surprise you with.

-and then...

As a mom of boys, I can sure get a whopper of a story, at least once a day! These can range from the invisible monster which smells like cookies who woke them up, to a dog flying a lawnmower just to get a favorite treat at a drive through. In case you are wondering, the dogs name is Max, and he has been on several grand adventures over the past four years. In each Max story, the flying lawnmower features very prominently throughout. These are just a few that we enjoy on a regular basis. Of course, the stories become more elaborate each time they are told. I can honestly say, we do not have very many dull days in our household.

This summer, do things a little differently! Buy the kids a cute little notebook. You can take them to the store and let them choose their own journal! They will be so excited to start their “story book.” If they are big enough to write themselves, you can let them surprise you with the stories, but the smaller kiddos will need some help writing them down. Who knows, you might have a future best-selling author on your hands!

-The Boat then lifted off the ground and before we knew it, we wereflying through the air!

As you move through the stories, you will be surprised at the imagination station that is going on within your child’s head! The stories themselves will vary. Some will be short and sweet. Others will be longer, drawn out and detailed. Try to get three or four stories a week! Some of these stories might even begin to build on themselves.

What is the draw to this, you might ask? By getting the kids to write their own stories, they are not only working on their handwriting over the summer, you are giving them something to help occupy their minds. As we move into days that seem to drag forever, kids are going to be tossing around the “I am bored” statement a lot. Writing gives them a small outlet that they can expend some energy on (they might want to act them out) and they can even leave room on the page to draw illustrations to go along with their stories. Sharing these with the entire family can be a great source of laughter, and some fun family memories. Some stories may be a bit sad, and that is okay! Kids are just learning to express themselves! By expressing themselves through writing, they will be able to express themselves better while speaking as well.  Each story is going to be unique to each child.

Give this a try for the summer, and see what your kids can come up with! Who knows, this might be something that you want to continue into the school year. Have some fun this summer and allow the kids to entertain you for a change!

A Whale Of A Tale..