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No more DISHES!


It’s May, that means it’s time for schools to let out for the summer, pools to open, vacations to be planned, late nights by the fire pit making s’mores, enjoying a drink with family and friends, and all around relaxing.

Spring cleaning is just about done, minus purging items in a yard sale but let’s face it moms… we tired! Fall is all about school beginnings and some holidays, winter is family and holidays, spring is recovering and cleaning, SUMMER IS OURS to kick back and relax worry free!!

Besides doing laundry, one of the most boring, most “don’t want to do” chore is dishes! Some hand wash them all, some throw them in the dishwasher. I ask my kids to load the dishwasher, but seriously they never rinse them out fully … let alone load the dishwasher the right way. I end up having to rewash them, or ask them to do it again. No matter many times I show them how to do it, how to rinse then load, how to load so the dishwasher washes all the dishes rather than being blocked by the large popcorn bowl…. it never works! BUT, I keep doing it, they will get it one day right?

OK OK, Back to the topic on hand…. it’s summer!!! I want a break and it starts with chores like dishes! I don’t have a laundry fairy or a vacuum fairy, but DISHES….. DISHES I can dodge! There are some FANTASTIC deals at your local commissary and exchange with CHINET! All sorts of plates, bowls, cups, fancy ones for guests, daily ones for the family… all to save me….and you….dishwashing duty! Check out just some of the deals below, brought to you by CHINET!




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