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PCS Pumpkin

How many times has your family or yourself moved with the military? We have moved four times. Not too bad but we have definitely gotten around if you know what I mean. This weeks MMSCraft is only do able if you’ve moved recently or you’re like me and you keep the stickers from your boxes. I’ve kept them for our last two moves, you can call me crazy. Just this time. I actually put each sticker on a plastic sheet cover. They kept there quite nicely and are still very sticky.

PCS Pumpkins Supplies

We’ve all seen the super cute Christmas ornaments balls covered in the shipping stickers and I thought to myself “hmm how about a pumpkin?!” You know I love pumpkins in the fall! I happened to pick up these wire pumpkins and knew they’d make a great medium for the shipping stickers. You can also choose to use a real pumpkin or a plastic pumpkin in your craft instead if you can’t find this type of wire pumpkin.

PSC Pumpkin Prep

Begin adding the stickers from top to bottom or let the children pull and stick the stickers. This was mommy time  so I enjoyed the therapeutic pulling and pushing of the stickers. I now wish I had more so I could do the other pumpkin too. But it was a lot of fun and very very easy.
PCS Pumpkin

Hope you liked this week’s craft! If you make one please share it with us using the #MMSCraft hashtag on social media.

We’d love to see your crafts!

Happy Crafting!


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