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Shamrock Matching Game

Remember the tic-tac-toe Valentine’s board we made last month? Well the boys are still playing with it! Funny right? They have toys galore but they are playing with a simple game made with cardstock and little pom poms. It got me thinking, I need to make them more games to play together. Something simple not over the top and that they would benefit from it. I came up with the Shamrock Matching Game. St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday, March 17th. We aren’t Irish but we love to learn about different cultures and traditions and it was the perfect medium for our matching game.

shamrock matching game

The supplies are very simple and you can actually use a variety of things. I went super simple to give you ideas:

  • Package of 12 Foam Shamrocks – You can also use index cards to make it non-holiday-ish
  • 2 small packages of scrapbook stickers –make sure they are identical it’s a matching game
  • Variety of washi tape or ribbons. Not if you go with ribbons you’ll need some glue.

Shamrock game supplies

If you notice the note attached to the scrap book stickers. Make sure they are identical. Yes, please make sure they are identical for the game to work. We don’t want to make it too hard. You can use the washi tape to add a little bit of difficulty by changing the lines. Same tape but the lines are going different ways. Or you come up with a fun way to integrate the washi tape into this craft.

shamrock stickers

You’ll add one sticker to each of the shamrocks or index cards. If you are using different types of cards don’t make the match identical cards. The key to this game is that it looks easy, but they must be the keenest of sight to make the correct matches. See below how using the different shamrocks makes it look like they all match, yet they don’t.


There are matches, the game players will have to match and explain. My youngest goes to speech therapy and she has explained to me that he needs to work on explaining things. This is the perfect exercise for that and hand and eye coordination. He will have to concentrate on each shamrock to make sure he turns in the correct match. When the match is in-correct he’ll have to look carefully until he finds the difference. You can do this for each holiday as there are scrapbooking stickers for all holidays.

Easy yet challenging. I hope you get a chance to make this week’s #MMSCraft!

Lots of shamrocks

Happy Crafting!