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Valentine’s Day Card Pouches

The day is getting closer! I know only a few days into February and we are already rushing into Valentine’s Day! But you know how much I enjoy it so I’m excited about today’s MMSCraft! The kids can definitely help with this craft and I think they enjoyed it a little too much! Instead of sending the regular store bought Valentine’s Day cards, if you have time make these easy Valentine’s Day Card pouches!

Valentines Day Card Pouches

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper Heart Doily
  • Tissue Paper (any Valentine’s Day colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hearts, Glitter, (anything very light that can be put into heart )
  • Card Stock for Homemade Valentine or note to add to the heart pouch
  • Pen or Marker
  • Paintbrush

 photo Valetines Pouches Supplies_zpszt6kutba.jpg

As you can see from  the picture the doily hearts are the outside of the package. I suggest writing the names on the hearts prior to filling so you don’t write thru and tear the hearts and inner package of glittery fun!! I have a serious fondness for glitter.. I should have had a girl or three. LOL

*I will say this though if you choose to go with putting glitter in the hearts let the teacher know to have them open these cards at home or expect to have beautiful glitter all over the place. You’ve been warned. 😉 *

You can pick up the doily hearts at one price stores and the tissue paper you might still have laying around from the holidays. You don’t have to use glitter, you can always cut up different colors of tissue paper and make like a fun confetti also. You’ll have to gage the size of your heart doily to determine how big or small the little package will be to fit inside of the heart.

 photo Valentines Day Pouch Collage 1_zpsebmtapi6.jpg

As you can see we made the little pouch by adding the little fun stuff and gluing the paper together to seal it all in then put it into the doily heart and sealed it with glue as well. We used a paint brush so that we wouldn’t get glue everywhere. I almost thought to grab a glue stick but that would have been messy. The paintbrush glue application was perfect.

Here’s another example of it with a different colored tissue paper:

 photo Red Heart Pouch Collage 2_zps3qt9znj7.jpg

And yes everyone gets a handwritten note, a little heart and some glitter! If you are wondering how to open it well I had a model help me out with that too. You just pull the heart apart then rip open the little envelope and voila! Glitter and heart surprise!! and a handwritten Valentine’s Day message. 🙂

open valentines pouch

I hope you like this week’s craft! Get your kids to help out with this one! You might have confetti or glitter all over the place so I apologize in advance! But it’s a blast!

If you make this craft share it with us on social media using the #MMSCraft hash tag!!

Happy Crafting!


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