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Storm Front – Week 3

Harry has gotten himself even deeper in the mess that has taken control of Chicago. As he tries to find a way to save both himself and Susan, he has to bargain with Bob. By giving Bob his freedom for 24 hours, he will give Harry the potion that will get himself and Susan to safety.

Harry knows that someone is after him, he just does not know who, and to make matters worse, Morgan is still breathing down his neck. He is convinced that Harry has broken the law, and has called for the council to convene and put Harry on trial. He has two days to come up with his defense. In the meantime, he is determined to figure out who has killed three people, and where exactly Gentleman Johnny Marcone is fitting into the game. Between the demon who tried to kill him, and working on the missing Victor Sells, there seem to be more questions than answers. Even Karen Murphy is starting to get suspicious of Harry. He refused to tell her how her murder victim got his card, and that puts some suspicion in her mind. Why would he withhold answers from her?


As we move deeper in our mystery, we get to sit on the front row of this exciting murder mystery. There are so many questions that still need answers, and if Harry does not hurry, then we may never get the “full scoop.”



This week we are reading Chapters 14-20


  1. Bob is quite the colorful character. What mischief do you think he will get himself into in his 24 hour reprieve?
  2. Harry is not sure who is behind the demon who was sent to kill him. Do you think Bianca plays more of a role in this mystery than was earlier alluded to?
  3. Monica Sells seems to know a bit more than she has let on to. Do you think Harry will get the answers from her that he needs? Did her knowledge of the persons were killed astonish you?



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