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Summer Boredom Buster: Painting with Squirt Guns!

Well, everyone, it’s finally happened. A month and a half into summer break and my kids are officially BORED. Honestly, they lasted a lot longer than I expected. Ha! With that being said, I went on my crafty Pinterest board to see what we could do. You know the one. All the adorable crafts you pin and plan to make with your children, but somehow never manage to get done. 😉 I have that same board! Well, this summer I’m slightly more determined to be more successful in the crafting department! I have two boys so of course they picked painting with water guns! Let’s get to it!

I bought a pack of small (CHEAP) water guns, tempera paint, and a pack of canvas panels. These were also super inexpensive! You can put them in a frame or hang them without one. Awesome!


You do have to water down the paint so I used a small ramekin and toothpick to mix the paint. I discovered using a frosting tip was the perfect size for a funnel to pour the mixture into each gun. I patted myself on the back for that stroke of genius right there!


Take everything outside and let the kids go to town! The boys decided to prop up their canvas so their paint would slowly drip down, but you could also lay the canvas flat and shoot paint onto it. Some of the paint was a little thick so I would recommend adding more water if you run into any misfiring issues. The kids REALLY got into it. It was so much fun!


Didn’t they turn out so cool? I was really impressed with their own color choices and styles. They had a blast squirting the canvas to create their own masterpieces. And with it being outside, clean up was a breeze! These bad boys do need to dry overnight before hanging them up. I just love how each of their personalities show through in their work!


All in all, this was a complete success! The water guns were so cheap, I did not feel bad for throwing them away. There’s no way I have the patience to clean them all out!

Join us next week as we attempt to paint with bubbles!

Have a great week crafting, y’all!