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The Blessing Way – Week 1

Joe Leaphorn is a police officer for the Navajo Reservation. As he goes through his search for a missing man, he knows that he will turn up eventually. As he puts the word out to some of the areas that the young Luis Horseman was wanted for questioning. While in one of the stores, there are a two people that show some interest in the case, but nothing more. Joe Leaphorn is suspicious of one, but there is nothing concrete for him to put his finger on.

Bergen McKee, professor of anthropology is considering heading back to the Navajo Reservation for the summer, to do some more research into the witch craft cases that bounded from the Reservation. As he continued his work, he knew that he was going to need some more case files for his book if he was ever going to prove his theory. With his friend, Jeremy Canfield, they prepare to spend their summer in the Canyons of the Reservation. Canfield is interested in the ruins of the Anasazi more than the witchcraft rumors that McKee is investigating. But before Canfield can even show up, McKee and Leaphorn are called to the site of a suspicious death in the middle of the desert. It seems that there is quite a bit more going on that either of them bargained for…

This week we are reading Chapters 1-6


  1. All cultures have their own stories of witches and “shadows”. Are them some that seem to have more basis than others?
  2. Joe Leaphorn is suspicious over the “theft” of a felt hat. Could there be more to the story than the owner let on?
  3. Why was the disappearance of Luis Horseman initially such a low priority?