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The Enchantress Returns – Week 1

Do you remember the amazing journey that we took with Alex and Conner a couple of months ago through the land of fairy tales? Well they are back by popular demand with an all new adventure for you!!

Alex and Conner know that something has been going on with their mother, but for the longest time they had not been able to figure it out, that is until a large assortment of red roses show up at the house with a card. With their mother confirming that she has started seeing Dr. Bob, the twins are upset with her. Why would she withhold that information from them? Not to mention, that they have not had any word from their grandmother, so they are worried that something has happened to her. Alex has begun to have nightmares about her grandmother and has taken to going to the library to hug the book of fairy tales and “talk” to her grandmother. The small moments help her to feel better, but only for a little while. Then she finds out that Conner has been doing the same thing.

Dr. Bob asks the kids permission to marry their mother. While they want her to be happy, the twins are shocked. They have in fact only just found out that their mother even had a boyfriend, and now he wants to  marry their mother! As the twins contemplate his request, they know that they have to give their permission, as adults tend to do what they want to anyway. At least he was brave enough to ask for their permission beforehand.

With the date of the engagement dinner set, the kids set about on the longest week of their life. They are excited and nervous as the same time. As the twins and Dr Bob wait for her to get home, they start to get worried. She is really late, and after a call to the hospital where she works, they discover she left almost two hours earlier! Alex goes into panic mode, remembering the day that their father did not make it home. When they seem to not be able to contain themselves any longer, the door flies open and in comes their grandmother! While the twins are happy to see her, they are angry at her as well! Why has she been gone so long, and without any contact at all?

When they discover that their mother may have been kidnapped, they realized that they are going to have to inform Bob about their secret. After all, he is going to be a part of their family right?? Now that they are under house arrest and under guard by a bunch of soldiers pretending to be garden gnomes, the twins are discovering that there is a lot more that they had no idea about…

This week we are reading Chapters 1-8


  1. The twins are shocked to learn about Dr Bob and their mother. Do you think that they would have found out sooner if they had not been so worried about their grandmother?
  2. Finding out their mother has been kidnapped is worrying enough, but why won’t their grandmother give them anymore information?
  3. If you were in Bob’s shoes, how would you have reacted to finding out that your girlfriend has ties to the fairy world?