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The Day I Noticed The Signs

Ahhhh I’m sorry I got so emotional on the video. It is hard talking about those kinds of things. Not many people understand but it really can be a heartbreaking thing for a parent. I just want my son to be happy, and if sitting on a step rolling a train back and forth makes him happy then I should be ok with that. However, I forgot to mention that lately I have been asking Zion for kisses and he has been giving me a ton of them!! I feel pretty lucky that I have been getting those. He can’t say I love you and he doesn’t like to be hugged, but even regardless of that I know my son loves me and Jeremiah, and we do everything we can to make he sure he knows how much we love him as well. The picture below is when his buddy finally got to the playground on that same day. This is one of the only children he will play with and sadly they are PCS’ing next week. The next picture was from our Family Movie Night last night as we watched Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer!

Therapy has been going well. His developmental brought this disc with a flat side and a pokey side. In the picture you can see her rubbing his back with the pokey side. He absolutely loved it! I also included a video from speech. She is trying so hard to get those ending sounds to be pronounced, Zion though isn’t really into it. However, we have got him to say a couple here and there.

Thank you again so much for watching and reading! We will see you next week!!

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