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The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling – Week 1

Penelope Lumley is on her way to her first job interview. She is nervous and afraid that she is going to make a rather bad impression. As she heads toward the Ashton Estate on the train, she is beset with all sorts of fears. What if she makes a fool out of herself? Will the children like her? What will the house be like that she is going to?

As she gets to the house, she is aware of a howling noise. When she mentions it to the housekeeper, Mrs. Clarke, she is told it is the dogs. As she moves into her interview with Lady Constance, she is not sure what to expect. Lady Constance is just a few years older than herself, and seems quite a bit more nervous than Penelope herself. When Penelope asks after the children, Lady Constance does not want to talk about them at all. She would rather talk about anything but that! Penelope thinks it strange, but decides not to press the subject, after all, as the governess she will be in charge of the children. There is plenty of time to get to know them.

After she moves into her room, she hears the howling noise again and decides to go and investigate. As she nears the barn, she realizes that is where the sounds are coming from. Mrs. Clarke is running after her, begging her not to check out the sounds, and to wait until the morning. But Penelope is determined to find out once and for all what the sounds are, and what is making them. Mrs. Clarke cannot keep her from going into the barn. When she gets inside, she is shocked at what she finds!!


This week we are reading Chapters 1-4


  1. Have you ever been nervous when you are heading to some place new?
  2. Lady Constance seems nervous when the children are mentioned. Why do you think?
  3. When Penelope finds the children in the barn, she is blown away. Would you be shocked if you found children living in a barn clothed only with blankets?







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