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The Return of the Indian – Week 2

Omri knows that he is going to need Patrick’s help if he is going to help Little Bear. Making a snap decision, he heads over to his old neighborhood where Patrick’s aunt lives. Patrick does not seem happy to see him, which Omri finds odd, since they were the best of friends. But soon Omri has Patrick convinced that they did not dream up their last adventure, and that he needs help, now. While they try and figure out what they are going to do, and how they are going to get help for Little Bear, Patrick remembers the figures that his cousin just received for her birthday. Hoping to get out of the house unseen, they dump the figures in a bag, and head toward to the door, but they are stopped by Patrick’s cousin and a scuffle ensues over the bag of figures. Grabbing one, the boys make a dash for the street, and head back toward Omri’s house.

Once they arrive, they bring the little figure to life using the magic cupboard. The poor nurse is so frightened, she faints on the boys. But soon she is back to her normal self, and set to the task at hand. While Omri gathers the supplies that the nurse asks for, Patrick creates a operating table for her to use. With the injured Little Bear in good hands, all the boys can do is wait. After she is finished, she is ready to return to her own time, wishing them all luck with the upcoming days. Omri knows that they are going to have to be careful. After a good nights sleep, Little Bear seems more himself, and is delighted to see Omri again. After a while, be begins to ask to see his blood brother, and Omri knows that he means Boone, the crying cowboy. But Patrick had told him that his mother had gotten rid of all his old plastic toys. But after a while, he finally tells Omri that he has carried the cowboy in his pocket, and why he was afraid to believe in their last adventure. But Little Bear has changed a bit since they last saw him, and he is about to remember some sad news…

This week we are reading Chapters 6-10


  1. Why do you think Patrick did not want to admit their last adventure was real?
  2. What would you have done to ensure that your friend received the best care possible?
  3. Do you think the idea of finding soldiers to send back to Little Bear’s time is a good idea?