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The Witch’s Daughter – Week 3

Bess is determined to get rid of Gideon once and for all, but she knows that in order to do so, she will need Tegan’s help. But Tegan is completely wrapped up in the relationship that she has going on, and has begun to slack again on the training with Bess again. As soon as the new boyfriend is introduced to Bess, she gets a feeling of dread, and she knows that Gideon has made another reappearance. Getting Tegan to believe her is going to be imperative to the cause, and she knows that she is going to have to reveal herself completely to the young woman to even have a chance to get through to her.

As Bess shares her last story with Tegan, the realization of what is going on, finally hits the young woman. The tragedy of the past centuries of Elizabeth’s life are all the sudden not just sad stories anymore. Before her sits a woman who has loved and lost and had to take flight time and time again to keep herself safe.  The story of Lt. Archie Carmichael and their brief hot romance, the pain and the joy of that moment comes back to her. For the first time, she had been able to be herself. Archie knew what she was, and was not repulsed. He understood and accepted her for what she was. While they were able to snatch little bits of time together, they of course were short, but sweet. When she gets a quick note from Archie, she wonders what is going on, but hurries to rendevous with him. When she gets to the meeting place however, she is met by someone else, Lt. Maidstone. He turns out to be Gideon in disguise.

When Tegan finally understands and accepts the inevitable of what is going to happen, she and Bess throw themselves into the preparations of what they are going to have to do to defeat Gideon once and for all. They work as quickly as they can, knowing that sooner or later he is going to get suspicious. As the final days pull together, Bess knows that she is going to have to summon more help, and also keep the excitable Tegan grounded for as long as she can. She has never cared for anyone as she has come to care for Tegan. To keep her safe is imperative and first on her mind. A

As the battle with Gideon begins, Tegan does not believe they stand a chance, but then other witches join in to help distract his attentions and give Bess more time to direct her powers toward him to try and weaken him. But just as all hope seems to be lost….

This week we are reading Litha- end of book


  1. Bess has shared many stories with Tegan, who is under the impression they are family stories that have been passed down. Do you think she should have figured it out sooner that they were all connected to the same person?
  2. They say that true love is a once in a lifetime chance. Did Archie demonstrate his love for Bess by sacrificing himself for her?
  3. Bess is determined to allievate the threat to Tegan once and for all, even if it costs her everything. Is there anything that Bess could have done differently in order to keep them both safe?


*** I hope that ya’ll enjoyed this read! It was a fun book and was one to keep my attention! Happy Reading!!***




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