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Why parents love Huggies!

Alright ya’ll, lets talk babies! Babies are fun, they smell fantastic, and they have the best clothing ever! Seriously, I wish some of that stuff was in my size! But babies are more than just cute, dress up dolls. They are work.. lots of work! I can remember sleepless nights, walking babies back and forth throughout the night. In fact, my oldest did not like it when you sat down! You better be standing and moving.. let me say, I got into decent shape quickly with him! While you can shop deals and be thrifty, there is one area that you do not want to compromise at all – and that is their health and over all well being. That includes their tender little derrieres. I cannot tell you how many diapers I changed over the years. Wayyy to many to count honestly. But I stayed with one brand throughout the entire time. I trusted Huggies above all else.I loved how these diapers and wipes protected their tender skin, and kept them dry and all smiles. I got started with Huggies right after my first child was born. He was born eight weeks early, so that meant that we were going to be there for a few days before we could go home. Throughout everything, those diapers kept that little man dry. The hospital used Huggies exclusively, and I saw no reason to swap when we finally brought him home. Their little preemie diapers are so small (and cute), and there is a huge chance that I have one of those little diapers still tucked away in his memory box.

So why do so many parents choose Huggies? Huggies has devised a perfect fit, one that is vitually leak proof! That is pretty amazing!  But Huggies takes it a step further! Not only are they a snug fit diaper, with the perfect little hug on that tush, but their wipes are always ready for any job that your child can present to you. Cleansing, Natural, Refreshing and fragrance free, there is a perfect wipe for you and your precious little! From birth to potty training, Huggies will grow with your child!

Right now, there are some fantastic coupons that you can take advantage of! Huggies.com has great deals all the time for you to download and use! Who does not LOVE saving money!? They have tips and advice, a rewards program for you, and more! I absolutely love this site! Whether you have small kids at home, or grown kids, you can still use and rack up those points! Buy and donate them to shelters, send for relief cases after major devastation, or help a new mom build their diaper arsenal!  Who am I kidding, my kids are always going to be my babies, and I STILL use the wipes to this day with them! Keep them in the car to take care of spills, messy faces and more! Other brands do okay, but I want more than okay, I want the best! Huggies has been our mainstay for many many years, and I cannot envision using anything else!


Share with us how you use your Huggies brands!