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Back 2 School DIY Signs!

All over the U.S. it’s back to school time!

This means, school supplies, new outfits, new backpacks and pictures!!! The pictures are so cute and its so great to see the growth and change from the first day of school to the last day of school! For the past few years, I have purchased signs off etsy, and honestly the amount spent each year just adds up more and more. Don’t get me wrong, memories and pictures are priceless but I wanted to save some money, and put that towards extra supplies the teacher needs or frankly, extra school lunch stuff. In trying to figure this out, I wanted something reusable! Figured it out and it’s super easy!!


what you need:

  • picture frame of your choice (mine was about $3 at the store, super cheap)
  • Dry erase markers
  • Picture to fill out! ( This was fun, I created one on my computer and customized it to what I wanted to remember about their school year!)

what to do:

  • Decorate your frame if you want! Make it your own! 🙂
  • Print out your survey questions and place them in your frame
  • Fill in the blanks!
  • Ready for a first day of school POSE! **CHEESE!**

This is super easy and reusable! Wipe the glass clean with a paper towel, and pass the torch the the next kiddo!

My 3 year old wanted to be included so I made him a special survey…”waiting for preschool”

Anyway you decide to capture your kids first day of school, those memories will last forever for you, and for them! 🙂 How do you capture your first days? Special breakfast? Walk to the classroom?

Happy First Day of school everyone!!!

May your kids be excited to learn and make new friends!