BEST SUMMER EVER with Coca Cola Sip & Share

Share a Coke is back! While, I have yet to come across my name, I did find this one, which I thought was fitting 😉

Am I right?!?

Superstar or not, I plan on 2018 being THE BEST SUMMER EVER! Especially since Coca-Cola is giving away shareable prizes EVERY SINGLE DAY… with Sip & Scan! No joke, Coca-Cola is giving away amazing experiences and prizes to make it a summer you will never forget!

Entering to win is so easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy a 20 Fl. Oz Coca-Cola at your local Commissary (be sure to look for the Share A Coke display)
  2. Sip said delicious Coca-Cola

  1. Visit the Coca-Cola site here
  2. Take another sip…
  3. Find the Sip & Scan on the Bottle

  1. Take 2 more sips (or 5)

  1. Scan and enter to win amazing prizes and experiences!
  2. Sit back relax, enjoy your Coca-Cola and Summer!
  3. Repeat… Every. Single. Day. This. Summer! Because, we know an awesome Summer is not complete without a nice, cold Coke!

Good luck Guys! Enjoy!