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Books vs. Movies – The Mystery of Adventure

As we move farther into the age of technology the use of books has fallen to the wayside. Television, movies, and music have overtaken the time that most people would normally use to sit with a good book. Offices and home libraries have given way to media rooms and high tech gadgets that move us even deeper into the pocket of motion pictures. Did you know that before television was readily available in homes, radios were used to gather news, and also hear great shows. The Lone Ranger, Little Orphan Annie, The Shadow, as well as many other detective shows that were insanely popular. The entire family would gather together in the living room to hear the latest episodes of the Green Hornet (right!?) and The Mysterious Traveler. These shows, each about 30 minutes in length would keep the family riveted from start to finish. If you have never experienced these… you are sooo missing out! I used to listen to these, just happened to stumble across them in the library on accident, and fell in love with them all!


Books paint a picture in your mind that sometimes television and movies cannot do justice to. As we look through some of the Books to Movies that have been done over the past several years, we get to paint our own pictures and then figure out which one is the best. Have you ever read through a book and allowed the emotions and imagination to play out!? How many of you pictured Jamie Fraser differently than he is portrayed on HBO? Felt disappointment when your “dream version” of Rhett Butler was portrayed by someone who could not completely embody the person you thought they were? Do not get me wrong, they did fine, but they were not the person that you built in your imagination as you suffered through the torture that the authors dealt out. If you have not been completely emotionally wrought after the end of a book, find a different genre! There have been books that have dealt tears, anger, laughter and then hit the full circle all over again! I have set down books over anger to a character.. FICTIONAL CHARACTER.. and then had to go back and see what the author had in store for them. I have cheered at the death of a hated character, (sad I know), and cried over the choices made by others. If you have not read anything by Sharon Kay Penman, **The Sunne in Splendour was featured a few months ago in the MyMilitarySavings.com book club** you have not met an author who can wring emotions like laundry caught in a twister.



Movies give you the chance to sit through a sequence of events and journey to parts unknown. Some movies have a way of bringing to life the amazing aspects of our planet! If you have watched the Life of Pi, then you know the cinematography in that movie was to die for! While sitting in his life raft in the middle of the ocean, you watch the sea and the sky come alive! The result was breathtaking! That is a scene that is hard to imagine in your mind if you have never been on the ocean. A well done movie can bring emotion to the screen and you might even find yourself crying along with the actors. Movies can leave out so many details, which to some might seem very small, BUT, those details can draw the entire story together or leave you trying to figure out what is missing. If you are a reader, and you have read the book, you might find yourself wishing they had put a beloved character in, or trying to figure out why events were changed or just completely ignored. Movies are a way to experience a book without opening a cover, to find a release when all you want to do is sit and veg. Now, I will be the first to admit that some are even educational. Don’t get me wrong, I am a movie fanatic! I love to watch a good movie, and I have my go-to movies (mostly John Wayne and war movies), but the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are family favorites. Harry Potter is a classic example of movies that do not follow the exact story line. There are so many things that were left out! Of course, if you have not read the books, who would notice!? The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies do it as well. I got the extended editions because I felt it added more, but there were characters added to both Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit who were not mentioned, or given a larger role than what they actually had in the book, because, well, its artistic license right!?


There have been several books turned into blockbuster movie hits! The Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones (T.V.), The Tudors (T.V.), Moby Dick, The Shining, Charlotte’s Web, Outlander, the Count of Monte Cristo,  are just a few! These books inspired film makers and producers to try and recreate the magic that readers first fell in love with, and then transfer it to the large screen for millions more to enjoy.

Movies sell, plain and simple. But what draws YOU in!? Is it the amazing effects that are seen throughout or the awesome stunts that are performed? There are not many who look forward to paying for the pleasure of the movie – after tickets, popcorn, drink and whatever candy the kidlets can talk to you into, it is easy to spend 50.00 JUST to get in! But what if I told you that a book is a FRACTION of the cost!? Many books can be found on bargain shelves for anywhere from 99 cents to ten dollars!

Grab a book! Before the next movie comes out, check and see if it was a book first. Read it, see the movie, and then make your determination! Allow your imagination to take you into depths that will leave you reeling and begging for more. Finally, let us know.. BOOKS OR MOVIE!?




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