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Crocodile on the Sandbank – Week 3

The appearance of the mummy is causing quite a stir in the camp! None of the natives will work the excavation, and now the mummy has slipped through their fingers again! The destruction of the painted pavement is just the beginning. The beautiful artwork has been smashed to dust. But just when things seem to be returning to calm, Lucas shows up. But adding one more person to the mix does more to cause upheaval than anything else. Walter is in love with Evelyn, who in turn loves him back, although neither one will admit it. Lucas is determined to make Evelyn his wife, and so the underlying currents are starting to mix in a way that cannot end well.

Amelia on the other hand, is determined to see Evelyn and Walter happy, but she is equally determined to catch the mummy masquerader and enjoy the time that she has in Armarna. As they set their plans to once again capture the mummy, Evelyn offers herself as bait, with Lucas following a short distance behind her. Walter, Amelia and Radcliffe will keep watch and do their best to capture the mummy. But when Michael goes missing from the camp, all Amelia can find is his crucifix, which she knows he would never leave behind. She fears that he has been kidnapped, while Lucas thinks he has just taken off on his own to return home. When their plan to capture the mummy fails, and Walter is injured, they must devise a new plan, or risk having to leave the camp with no answers..

This week we are reading Chapters 7-9


  1. Why does the mummy seem to have taken an interest in just one person?
  2. With the disappearance of Michael, do you think they should have abandoned the site and returned to the safety of the boats?
  3. Why is Lucas so insistent upon marrying Evelyn? What motives could he have? It seems to be more than just concern for her well-being.