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DIY Easter Basket

Want to make your own unique creation for little one? Try out this crocheted Easter Basket! It only took me about 2 hours to make the bigger one and an hour for the small one.

What you need:

  • Size K (6.50mm) Crochet Hook
  • Medium (4) worsted weight (2 strands)
  • Scissors
  • Threading needle


  • Using 2 strands of yarn (throughout the whole pattern), start with a magic circle and SC 6 stitches into the circle.
  • SC 2 into every SC around the circle.

  • To grow my circle I put 2 SC in the first SC, SC into the next 2, then 2 SC into the next stitch. The next row I did 2 SC into the first SC, SC into the next 3, 2 SC into the next stitch. Next row: 2 SC into the first SC, SC into the next 4, 2 SC into the next stitch. I followed this pattern increasing SC’s (2, 3, 4, 5, etc) until I got the desired circle size.

  • Once you get the size you want. I started my next row with a chain 2. I then DC into the BACK LOOP ONLY around the whole circle. You will continue to only use the BACK LOOP for the remainder of the pattern.

  • DC into each stitch around until you reach the desired height of the basket.
  • Once you get the height you want, DC into the next 4 stitches. Go back and forth along these 4 stitches to create the handle. Once you get the handle done, leave a long tail. Thread the tail into the 4 stitches that are evenly across the basket.

  • Once done, fill it with eggs, candy, and other goodies!