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Fall Pumpkin Decoration Ideas #MMSCraft

It’s here! It’s here! Fall is officially here! Bring on the pumpkin, apple everything, Halloween, Fall festivals and Thanksgiving! Some of my favorite colors include the shades of fall, red, orange, mustards, greens and black.. ok that’s not a fall color but it’s Halloween! This week’s #MMSCraft is one you can translate and make your very own as always. I picked up bag of fake pumpkins to give you some pumpkin decorating options! These are super easy ideas for you to use and expand on.

Pumpkin Supplies 1

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pumpkins (you can totally use real or fake)
  • Glue (I used ModPodge glue)
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Tulle
  • Embellishments (I used leaves)

I started with the easiest option:

Decorating a Pumpkin with Tulle Ribbon:

Simply adding a ribbon can do so much to a pumpkin. Of course you can use different styles of ribbon. You can get super fancy with your bow. I made a basic bow. Use one color or more. If you need to add a drop of glue to help secure the ribbon on the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Tulle Bow

Leaves on a Pumpkin:

Next I did like last week and added leaves to the pumpkin. I was just telling our oldest child that we needed to pick some leaves outside because they are softer and will stick better to our mediums. It’s raining so we had to go with the fake leaves. Still it gives the pumpkin a different look. I reminded me of the scene in Cinderella when the pumpkin transforms into the coach.

Then it was time to bring out the glitter! I know, I know not everyone likes glitter and that’s ok. You can easy do what I did with the glitter with just paint. When using paint on pumpkins I recommend acrylic paint by the way. I grabbed my Chinet plate and set up my glitter station. I now realize I need a few more colors of glitter.. Stay tuned for that! 🙂

Leaf PumpkinLeaf Pumpkin 2

Dripping Glitter Effect on the Pumpkin

The “dripping” effect was very easy to do. Grab your paint brush and glue or modpodge and paint onto the pumpkin. Your drips can go down way long or short like ours. I wanted to make sure there was a good layer of glue so that the glitter had plenty to hold on to. I think if I had a black pumpkin, I would totally use green or purple glitter. So much fun!

Glitter pumpkin 2Glitter PumpkinGlitter 3

Glitter Dots on the Pumpkin

While you might say, “Really Candy? Dots.. that’s all you’ve got for us?” I’m saying I bet you didn’t think about it! And the “dots” can be done with other supplies instead of the glitter. Pull out some felt, cut it into cute shapes and glue it onto the pumpkins, add some washi tape to the pumpkin or glue up some dots and glitter up those dots! I think the dots gave the pumpkin a “fancy” look. Dots and chevrons are all the rage right now, add those looks to your pumpkins!

dot glitters

These ideas can be used on fake pumpkins that you have decorating your home or you can use these tricks/ideas on real pumpkins and place them outside on your entrance. I think I’m going to take the boys to the local nursery to pick out some pumpkins this weekend and decorate them up. I’ll have to share images on Twitter with you all!

A few other ideas I was thinking you could try on your pumpkins:

  • Using washi tape
  • Using buttons
  • Adding lace
  • Spray painting pumpkin (yes, I’m also thinking chalk boarding a pumpkin!!)
  • Use the window decals to stick onto the pumpkin

Fall Pumpkins

Pretty good ideas right? I can’t wait to see your creations on real or fake pumpkins! Make sure to share them on social media and add the hashtag #MMSCraft!

Happy Crafting!!


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