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Fall Leaves Jar #MMSCraft

I was driving home the other day and you know what I saw? I saw beautiful colored leaves. If I had the time to pull over and take pictures I would have. Reds,  orange, yellow beautifully hued leaves Fall is here ya’ll! The first day of fall is close.. September 23rd! This week I wanted to do something fun and it didn’t come out as planned but I still wanted to share it with you so you can give it a go. Hopefully it’ll come out as I hoped for you!

Fall Leaves Jar

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clean Jar
  • Glue (or ModgePodge)
  • Fall Leaves (I got them at a one price store)
  • Tulle
  • Scissors
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Sealant Spray

Fall Jar Supplies

My 9 year old did this craft with minimal help from me. I added the bow at the end and directed him on the glue to start.

Fall Jar 1 Collage

Remember how much I said I loved glitter.. We totally added glitter to this craft! As I mentioned in the supplies it’s totally optional but it just adds so much prettiness! My hopes for the leaves was for them to lay completely flat onto the jar. It didn’t workout to that but it still turned out pretty beautiful, glitter and all.

Leaves Jar 2 Collage

The close up is after I sprayed the sealant on. It too has glitter. If you happen to have a clear sealant or top coat to push down the leaves you’ll get the desired effect. Like leaves floating in water around the jar. Leaves

Use the jar as an accent piece for during the holidays or put some snacks in it and give as a holiday gift! We made a fun popcorn snack with candy corn and we’ll be shipping it to family. Add a bow with the tulle and send it off. Make sure to pick up some Prego jars while they are on sale. Rinse them out and wash off the label. You might start a jar collection like I have, but there’s always great ways to use them.

Hope you like this week’s craft! Make sure to use the #MMSCraft hash tag and share your creations on social media!

Happy Crafting!!


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