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Pumpkin Wall Art #MMSCraft

Yes, pumpkin season is here!! Walked outside today and it was chilly!! Is fall weather coming to Georgia already!? This will be our first fall here and we are excited for the weather change. I’m probably jumping the gun a little on the Fall and Halloween decor but I can’t help myself. From here on out until New Years you’ll find fun and easy holiday crafts to do with the kids! Yay!! I do have one Christmas craft that will require some patience and time; I can’t wait to share it with you all in November. Anyways, back to pumpkins!! This week’s craft is easy and something you can keep forever!

Pumpkin Wall Art

We are making pumpkin wall art!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pumpkin Supplies

Image of pumpkin (we used a foam pumpkin from a set. You could also use a pumpkin made from construction paper.) 

Yarn (any color you would like) We decided to go with red, orange and green for the stem.


School Glue 

Decorative sheets 

Foam board (or piece of foam we found in a box)

The first part of the craft is for the kiddos. Grab your pumpkin, glue and yarns and let them go to town. I don’t know why but I had a huge hankering from some glitter in there.. I didn’t add it but be prepared I think I need some glittery Halloween in my life right now. Little E had a blast gluing on his own and getting the yarn on. I think he felt like such a big boy gluing on his own. He did a great job too!!

gluing pumpkin

It’s only school glue, so it’s ok for the little to use it.

pushing pumpkin

After he was done with the pumpkin I was walking around looking for a frame. I wanted it to look homemade yet fancy, know what I mean? But then I looked at the foam and thought, “well we can just cover the foam!!” that’s what we did. I picked up a pack of pretty paper at the craft store a while back (yes, I buy random things and then keep it until I find a craft I can work it into.) and we glued it onto the foam. I love that the pack has several different designs, so this worked out great!

Pumpkin Board Collage

Doesn’t it look fancy? I’m going to have it up for Fall & Halloween! Multi-purpose crafts. I even poked a hole in the back so I can hang it.

I can’t wait to see your pumpkin wall decor!! Make sure to share it with us using the #MMSCraft hash tag!!

Happy Crafting!


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