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Finding Events On Post For Summer

Summer is now here which means kids are out of school and we have to keep them busy.  Of course they’ll be playing hours upon hours with their friends and going to places like the pool.  However, what if you want to do more than that?  You don’t want to necessarily drag them all over town because that can get costly.  Why not look into your local post?

Majority of Posts, Bases and Naval Stations have MWRs which is short for Military, Welfare and Recreation.  Here at the different MWR websites you can find events happening on Post: camps, movie nights, races, classes and live entertainment.  Also connected to the MWRs are the Post Libraries, Youth Centers, Bowling Allies, Outdoor Recreation and even some Golf Courses. Pretty nifty, huh?

(These are just some events I found at our MWR.)

You have so much to do in one place and you can access it just at the touch of your finger tips.  You can even download the MWR app on your phone.

The MWRs have been amazing for myself and my family.  We’ve gone to so many events with friends and some just by ourselves.  We’ve always have had fun and know that we are in a safe location for our kiddos.

(We recently just went to the Color Run, with some friends, that was sponsored by the MWR here at Ft. Carson.  It always only $2 per person!)

I highly recommend checking out the MWR, because they have great events (some free or extremely inexpensive) and it can be fun for the whole family.

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