Get the Biggest Bang For Your Home & Garden Décor Budget!

Here in America, we love us some home decor, to the tune of almost $80 billion annually spent annually on home furnishings. Even the real estate market is picking up steam, since the end of 2014 the United States saw the highest number of housing startups happening since 2008.

Decorating on a budget, both indoors and out, can be a real budget buster, but there are some interesting, less obvious ways to save some serious cash when we’re revamping our households. Whether you’re starting up a new brand new home or renovating your existing domicile, there are some affordable options to the traditional fare when purchasing some pretty additions to brighten up your place of residence.


The Unaware Avenues

Regardless of your own unique style, you don’t necessarily need to go down traditional avenues when it comes to home and outdoor decorating. Believe it or not, home improvement stores, like Home Depot and Lowes, can offer significant savings for home and yard decor. While most people think these warehouses venues are only for contractors and huge remodel jobs, they offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor decorating options.

The most significant savings can be found when visiting their locations for great deals on out-of-season items. For example, to get a bigger bang for your decorating buck, look to these locations for huge discounts on patio furniture when summer is either in full swing or waning down for the beginning of autumn. The same goes for holiday items, which are always severely slashed in price once the day of celebration has past.

Some Unbelievable Offers

Spend some time searching online and find additional savings in the form of promo codes, special discounts and other offers that can make a big difference in your home and yard purchases. Even if it’s just free shipping, depending on the item(s) you’re buying, it can make a huge difference in your eventual checkout costs.

If you’re already in full-blown re-do mode or just thinking about getting started, go to your favorite sites and sign up. They’ll send you updates, special discounts and design choices that could  increase your savings and help mold your design choices to better suit your taste.

The Unusual Suspects

Take advantage of whatever unique characteristic that you have at your disposal. For example, if you’re a senior citizen, seek out that elderly discount that should be available to you. If you’re active in the military or a veteran, get the savings that your country owes to you for your valuable service to our country.


Even if there isn’t a discount available, be bold and ask for one. In this era of rough economic times, negotiating a fair price is not out of the norm. Many businesses are happy to offer a discount to gain a valuable new customer who will recommend them to their friends and family. You’re not begging or asking for something out of the ordinary, simply requesting a fair price and your word-of-mouth advertising can’t be bought … and they know it!

So dont’ settle for second best and more importantly don’t be denied what you deserve in discounts and savings. Seek and you shall find – the deals that are out there waiting for you!

Thank you to our guest blogger Hilary Smith for this amazing article!


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