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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Week 2

Harry and Ron have spent a fun filled month together, and now they are preparing to return to Hogwarts. Another year of learning and gaining better magical skills will be good for both of them (and perhaps keep them out of trouble), but they have to be able to get there! When the rest of the family goes through the portal at platform 9 3/4, Harry and Ron are unable to get through. They have no idea why they are blocked, but the train will NOT wait for them! As they trudge back toward the car to wait for Ron’s parents, the idea of just taking the car, and FLYING to Hogwarts seems about the best chance that they have to get their on time. However, their ill-fated trip not only gains notice in the muggle world, but when they land in London, they fly straight into the Whomping Willow! The giant tree slams its branches into the car again and again. The car, ejects both the boys and their luggage, and rumbles off on its own.

If Ron and Harry were hoping for a quiet year, they were mistaken. Not only has Gilderoy Lockhart joined the teaching staff at Hogwarts, but school has barely begun before things being to happen. Gilderoy Lockhart is a celebrity, and he seems to thrive on that. Some of the students are beginning to question exactly what it is he can do, but there is nothing that can really be pointed out. Harry is beginning to hear noises, better yet, voices in the walls. He is not sure what to make of them at first! When he finally tells Ron and Hermoine what he is hearing, they tell him to keep it to himself, as wizards who hear things is not a good thing. Being invited to Nearly Headless Nick’s death-day party is just another one of the weird things that the friends get into during the term.

Now, as Harry, Ron and Hermoine move toward trying to figure out what exactly the Chamber of Secrets is, and who might be wanting to reopen it, the three friends must put their heads together. Hermoine wants to brew some poly-juice potion, and see if they can get into the Slytherin house and find the culprit. What however, could possibly go wrong?

This week we are reading Chapters 5-9


  1. Why do you think Harry is much happier with the Weasley family than with his aunt and uncle?
  2. The majority of the students do not approve of Gilderoy Lockhart. Why do you think he was hired by Hogwarts?
  3. Mrs. Norris, Mr. Filch’s cat is petrified by something, and by someone. Why?
  4. Have you noticed any differences from the movies yet!?