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Homemade Turtle #MMSCraft

We are learning a lot about animals this summer. This week we happened to drive by a turtle trying to cross the road and that sparked the interest in turtles. We don’t homeschool but the learning doesn’t stop when school ends in May. Have to keep their little minds growing and when you are able to help them learn something and disguise it as fun that’s a total parent win!

Homemade Turtle

Pretty cute right? It can actually double as a hat too! We didn’t cover the bottom of the bowl. So if you want, you can add a strap and wear it!
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own turtle!
 photo Homemade Turtle Supplies_zpsuorvglfh.jpg

  • Egg crates
  • Glue
  • Hot glue/gun
  • green & red felt
  • green tissue paper
  • small bowl
  • scissors
  • plastic egg shell
  • googly eyes


 photo Turtle Collage 1_zpstutkrsh3.jpg
Get your glue and cover the bowl. After it’s all glued up you can cover with the green tissue paper. I realized that you could totally make the turtle without using the egg crates. The shape of the bowl is the perfect turtle shell. You can begin working on the head, feet if you want your turtle to not be bulky. If you want to get more crafty grab your egg crates and lets cut and shape them to add to the top of the covered bowl.

 photo Turtle collage 2_zpswqo3nbsp.jpg

Add some glue to the egg crates and then cover them with more tissue paper. Now to make the head grab one of your left over easter eggs and pull it a part.
 photo turtle collage 3_zpsffsfakki.jpg

Cover the larger end of the egg in glue and cover with left over tissue paper. You can expect to almost use a full sheet of tissue paper. After it dries glue on your googly eyes. I actually purchased a little bottle that has different size eyes in it, it’s proven to be very useful and a lot of fun to have.

Using your felt cut a tongue and little feet and hands to add on the underside of the bowl.
 photo Homemade Turtle 2_zpsxktqbjtv.jpg

He kind of looks like a frog and a turtle. I was hoping for a box/snapping turtle look. The kids enjoyed talking about turtles while we brainstormed how we would make the turtle.

  • Turtles are reptiles.
  • Turtles have hard outer shells.
  • There are many kinds of turtles that live on land and some live in the ocean.
  • Turtles are cold blooded.
  • Some species of turtles are endangered.
  • Turtles have existed for many many years, over 200 years.

We had a blast making the turtles and the boys loved learning about them as well. I hope you have fun making this turtle should you choose to. If you do, please share it with us online using the #MMSCraft hash tag and tagging us on Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram!

Happy Crafting!


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