Join the NEW Johnson and Johnson Beauty and Baby Club

Coming at you with new and exciting news. Did you know that Johnson and Johnson has a Beauty and Baby Club? This fun app has some great benefits with it! Download it right onto your phone and carry great savings wherever you are. I love being able to have the option of using these coupons when I need them, and having the chance to earn rewards on things that I buy constantly. Super easy right? Earn rewards for items you ALREADY buy! Having the app on hand over trying to find time before I head to the store to shop is so much easier! Mom on the go!

Having kids means that you are buying items on a regular basis. Most kids have not figured out portion control yet, so one bottle of soap might only last through two baths. I mean, who doesn’t need a tub full of bubbles each time!? So I find myself continually buying the same items over and over. I might grumble about it under my breath, but kids will be kids, and they¬† need to have some fun while they can. While you are at your local exchange, check out the items that are on the shelf! There are some fantastic brands that will care for your skin and your little’s skin without drying it out. You can feel beautiful without breaking the bank!

You might be asking what are the perks of downloading the app? Check these out:

  • Great beauty and baby tips delivered straight to your inbox
  • Earn points to redeem rewards online
  • Monthly sweepstakes
  • Exclusive coupons
  • Get a FREE birthday gift
  • Receive bonus points when you sign up today!

Just click and download! So easy, and extremely easy to use! Watch those points stack up! All you have to do is decide what you will redeem them on! Which products are your favorites? Share them with us here! We love to see your fave items.