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Push Light Chalk Decorating #MMSCraft

Chalk paint is all the rave right now or has been for some time now. I have been known to do a little spray here and there of chalk paint. It’s such a cool concept for everyday things you have in your home. When I was going nuts with the chalk paint I came across some awesome liquid chalk markers! I thought to myself.. “It’s kinda hard to draw with the actual chalk.. maybe I’ll do better with the chalk markers!” Not going to lie, I haven’t used them them much until last night! Most recently I went by the store were everything costs a dollar and got some craft ideas. One of them is this week’s #MMSCraft!

Push Light Chalk Decorating

The supplies are super simple:

Liquid Chalk Markers

Push Light (and batteries for it)

Cloth (for erasing)

Chalk Decorating Supplies

You’ve seen the infomercials for this cool light. Do you have one in your home? Guess what we were doing with it?! We are decorating our push light with the liquid chalk markers!! If you are a homeschooler you can integrate your lessons with the design of your light. While we are not homeschoolers as a Military family I think geography is super important. I wanted to my son to draw his best drawing of North America!

Here’s how it turned out:

Chalk Light Collage

Or you can turn into a daily message for your kids. Use your cloth and wipe it off clean to use over and over!

Sweet Dreams Chalk

Super easy and the kids will have a blast drawing images and leaving notes on the push light.

Hope you enjoy this week’s craft! Share your chalk messages with us using the #MMSCraft hash tag!

Happy Crafting!


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