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Household Item Hacks #MMSHacks

Every Friday I bring you fun crafts you can do with your family. This week I wanted to change it up a bit with my ideas you can use at home! It’s all about reduce, reuse and recycle right? There are so many items we throw away without realizing the potential of giving it new life within our home. This week I’ve got a  few household Item Hacks #MMSHacks!

How many times have you gone to an expo or attended a conference and picked up a lanyard. You know those things that you can attach a name tag to that hangs like rope around your neck. What do you do with all of those? Trash them? No, don’t trash them! Use them to keep you chip clicks ready and accessible to you hanging from your pantry!

lanyard hack

I am always looking for the chip clips and they always get lost! Not anymore friends!

Speaking of chip clips. If you can buy them in bulk they aren’t too crazy expensive but what if you don’t want to spend that money. Go into your closet and find the hangers with the clips that normally hang pants. If you have small children go to their closets and pull those hangers (if you don’t use them obviously) snip the clip part off of the hangers using a good pair of scissors and you have awesome chip clips!!

hanger hack

Do you have a baby that’s starting to eat baby food? What are you doing with all of the jars? Don’t trash them! Here’s a neat idea you can use those babies for! In your bathroom – place cotton swabs in them or do what I do and put in the plastic flossers. Instead of buying those fancy glass bottles for bathroom toiletries use a cute baby jar. Take the label off and it looks super fancy and industrial.

Baby food jar

Got Jars? I have a jar collecting obession. I didn’t realize it until we pcs’d of course. I’m unpacking jar upon jar and my husband looks at me and says, “see I told you to stop collecting those jars..” I can’t help myself you guys! You can do so much with them!  Ok so one of my favorite things I have done with a mason jar is use it as a “holster” of sorts for my hot glue gun. I don’t always work on steady surfaces so having the jar next to me with my glue gun pointing down is perfect! It catches the glue that melts out of it and I don’t have any glue residue anywhere. Get you a glue gun jar! I did find that using a spaghetti jar is best.

Jar hack

Paper or Plastic? Do you ever opt for paper bags when shopping at the commissary? I do! And here’s why! While I don’t fry food often, I always make sure to ask for one paper bag at the commissary. I forget who it was that told me or where I saw it on television, but placing the fried foods inside or just on top of a paper bag works wonders for absorbing the excess grease and the food stays crunchy. Have you ever noticed when you place let’s say a french fry or tater tot on a napkin to soak off the left over oil the piece of the tot or fry is soggy? If you replace the napkin with an actual paper bag you don’t get that sogginess! You can also place the food into the bag and then after you are done you can throw in some seasoning and close up the bag and shake! Evenly seasoned fried foods that are still crunchy and not overly greasy!

bag hack

That’s just a few ideas for you. I’ll be sharing more household hacks from time to time. I feel I must add the disclaimer: *MyMilitarySavings and Candy aren’t to be blamed if you suddenly develop a glass jar collecting obsession.* It’s hard but we can beat the obsession together or find other amazing things to do with the jars! That way it’s a win-win!

Happy Hacking!


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