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Cereal Box Lacing Cards #MMSCraft

Have you ever looked in your pantry and thought..”Goodness we eat a lot of cereal..” No? Ok maybe it’s just me. Cereal is my absolute favorite. My kids have to be in the right mood for it, but me.. I could it eat it all day everyday. I got thru phases where it’s nothing but one cereal and then I branch off. You can imagine that we have quite a collection of cereal boxes lining up the shelf in our pantry at any given time. What to do with all of those boxes.. This week’s #MMSCraft I’m giving those of you with small children a great idea! We are going to make cereal box lacing cards!

Cereal Box Lacing Cards

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cereal Box (obviously I’m using Kellogg’s brand cereals!)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or shoe lace
  • Piece of tape if you choose to use the yarn
  • Hole Punch

Lacing Card Supplies

You’ll want to decide on the shapes you want to do. You can do basic circle, square or triangle. But if you want to get fancy with it you can make a star, heart or clouds would be fun too. And if you have different types of hole punches those will add a bit of challenge to the cards.

Let’s get started!

You’ll want to make sure the cereal box is empty and clean. There’s nothing like cutting into cereal dust. LOL Your crafting space will be covered in it. Cut the sides of the boxes off, it’s best to work on the big areas. If you want to also use the edges you can also use those for long cards. See below. We can definitely use the whole box. The good thing about using the cereal boxes is that they are sturdier than just using a piece of paper and they will live thru a few rough lacings.

Cereal Lace Collage

I was able to peel open the box and then cut off the excess pieces that I won’t be using. Once I had the square I drew in (and you can totally use stencils, I don’t have any) a triangle and circle to start off with. I was afraid they were too small but if you think about it you don’t want to make it too large for those small hards that are going to be using these cards.

Once you cut your shapes, using your hole punch get to making holes.

Lace Card Collage


Remember I noted you’d need a piece of tape? Well I couldn’t find any but since we just pcs’d in January I had a spare packing sticker available! If you are using yarn, you’ll need something to keep the end from unraveling. I used the packing sticker! Cute right?! I thought so too!

So there you have it! Super easy and fun Cereal Box lacing Cards that can be used over and over. I recommend saving them in a plastic bag to use on a rainy day and you’ve got the kids at home. Make your cards more challenging by using a small hole, hole punch. Or have the kids practice their hand eye coordinating by punching holes in the cards themselves. *If they are old enough to appropriately use the hole punch with adult supervision of course.*

Hope you enjoy this week’s craft! If you make the lacing cards, please share images with us on social media by hash tagging the image with #MMSCraft.

Happy Crafting!


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