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Writing Utensil Holder #MMSCraft

Instead of just calling it a pencil cup, because this isn’t just a pencil cup this week’s MMSCraft is a fancy writing utensil holder! Super easy and you can decorate to fit your home or to share as a gift!

Writing Utensil holder

We can use jars, cups, small boxes or purchase the actual holders at the office supply stores to hold any and all of our writing utensils. What makes this one special? You made it! Your kids made it! It’s fully functional and a great topic of conversation.

Here’s what you need:

  • Clean popsicle sticks. *I used mini sized
  • Hot Glue gun/glue or school glue
  • Washi tape
  • Empty ribbon roll

Optional items:

  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon

Let’s Get Started! 

This craft is super easy but can be time consuming due to making squares with the sticks prior to gluing down on stack. You can make the stack as high as you like. So get your crew ready! As I mentioned above you can use a hot glue gun or if you’ve got small children helping out bring out the school glue. *It will take a little longer to dry if you use school glue. Just be aware.*

 photo Utensil Collage_zpsedwfbrs5.jpg


Start your base on the ribbon roll and build from there. As you can see I found it worked best to make the squared and then stacking. I changed the directions of the squares each time I glue it down. I felt it added dimension and “coolness” to the stack. We decided to leave it natural to give you the options of how you want to decorate it. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Cover tips in glitter
  • Prior to gluing cover each stick in different color washi tape
  • Paint images on the stick
    • Pencil look
    • Ruler lines  *Can you tell I’m thinking back to school?!*
    • Write your family name on each stick

I added the washi tape to cover the base of the holder. Instead of leaving it open. You could also use ribbon. We are thinking of using it as a teacher gift so we’ll be adding ruler markings to the washi tape. Cute right?

Very easy and a great way to get little hands building and learning shapes. Instead of squares you could also make triangles. We love sharing crafting ideas with you each with with options! That way everyone makes something original and it gets the creative juices flowing.

Hope you enjoy this week’s #MMSCraft. If you make it, make sure to share with us on social media using the #MMSCraft hash tag.

Happy Crafting!




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