Those Lazy Summer Days..

Seriously, can ya’ll tell me what a lazy day looks like anymore!? My husband came home late last week and remarked that I “must have had a slow day, as I was still in my pjs.” I think I laughed, but at that point, I was ready to crawl back into bed and sleep! With the kiddos out of school, and every other child in the neighborhood wanting to play, if I don’t get ready early.. well.. I make do for the rest of the day! But if ya’ll follow the book club, you know that I CANNOT go a day without having a book in my hand at some point. This summer, it has been a little more difficult to fit in some of the reading that I really want to get accomplished, so I tried something that I have been dead set against forever. I checked out an audio book.

Now some of ya’ll are probably going, “I listen to audio books all the time,” and that is great! I have a hard time with some of the narrators that read the text. Somehow, the voices I envision sound so much better in my head. But I pushed through, and by the end, I found myself somewhat enjoying the book (even though the narrator still irritated me a bit). But I decided to ask some of my friends who use them regularly what they thought. Most agreed that most of the time, the narrators can get a little annoying, but if you learn to tune them out a bit (a tad difficult when they are talking right into your ear), and envision the book as if you were reading it, it would be a smoother process. Guess what…. it helped! I have since finished THREE audio books, and have started two more. I laughingly told my mother that I was desperate enough for book time that I would use the audio books. But I have found that by using the audio books,  I can “read” while driving, doing dishes or cleaning house, and even working!

While I am working through the list for the Summer Reading Program for adults, I am enjoying finding some new and interesting reads! I have so far finished 9 out of the 25 topics that are on our Bingo Sheet. I decided to ask our local librarian for some great reads, and she managed to suggest some that I would have never thought of trying out. I have been carving out about an hour each night to get some reading done (and then reading for another hour or two after that). The hardest one that I have come up against so far is which one of the My Military Savings Book Club choices to choose! There is a running copy of the BOOKS that we have done, both for kids and adults. There are so many great ones on there that choosing just one to re-read was tough!

My boys are enjoying the new books that they are finding as well. We spend about an hour each week in the library (okay, about two hours) looking through books and deciding what we are going to take home to read for that week. I am enjoying watching them learn to find things that they are interested in, and that they are excited to read.

Adults do not have those fun lazy days that our kids now enjoy, but I do enjoy losing myself in the pages of a good book each evening! Our hope is that you are enjoying this summer’s Reading Program! We have had an amazing turn out this year! It would not be possible without you! Tell us what you are reading and if you have discovered a new favorite book!