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What’s In Season For Spring!!

If you’ve ever tried trying to eat cleaner to achieve a certain goal, you know that it sometimes can be pricey.  However, if you plan your eating habits around the different seasons you can certainly save quite a bit of money.  I’m talking about eating and buying what’s in season.  Right now it’s Spring and there are LOTS of different fruits and vegetables that are in season.  Don’t forget Farmer’s Markets are going to soon be popping up with the warm weather and you can score some really great deals there too. 

You can also see some of the circular on our HOT DEALS Page

But first let’s start out at the Commissary.  Every month the Commissary puts out a circular of what’s going to be on sale.  Plan your shopping around this.  For example; when the 2 lb. containers of strawberries are on sale for $3.88 make sure you stock up.  If you buy several containers and cannot eat all of them, try freezing them.  Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries all freeze well. 

Another tip you can follow; when certain fruits and vegetables are in season is making meals with them and FREEZE THEM! I love doing different types of vegetable soups and freezing them.  It helps with our budget and with time when we are super busy.

Here’s a small list of Spring fruits and vegetables:

For a complete list of all seasonal fruits and vegetables, visit http://snap.nal.usda.gov/nutrition-through-seasons/seasonal-produce.

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