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Be A Hero To Teachers!

School has started, and the mad rush for school supplies has ended. However, many teachers are still short supplies, and this will be a common theme throughout the school year. Be a hero to teachers and help keep their classrooms stocked!

Let me tell y’all, as a teacher, there are things that we go through faster than anything else! I am going to share a list of things that will make a teachers day! I am not saying to run out and spend a bunch to help stock – but every now and again, a few items can go a long way to helping keep our classrooms supplied and running smoothly.

  • Pencils are hard to keep in stock. Kids take them home, they get broken, lost, you name it – pencils grow legs and walk away. But we also share between classrooms as well. Some classes run out faster than others, especially in the lower grades when they are learning to write.
  • Tissues are an item that we go through A LOT of. Cold and allergy season can run through supplies FAST. Once in a while, we might need to send a few home with a child, to help keep them from rubbing snot on their clothing on the way home.
  • Dry Erase Markers are just like pencils. They wander off, they dry up, and we use them A LOT.
  • Blank and lined paper – we use a lot more than people think. With budgets shrinking everywhere, we purchase most of this out of our own pockets. We use blank paper to run homework assignments, in-class handouts, and those lovely notes that come home with your kids. Lined paper is used for writing and other assignments in the classroom.

Become a hero to your local teachers and help keep classrooms stocked! The Exchange has a great selection of school supply items. I love shopping the Exchange! It helps to keep prices down, and they usually have everything I need. I can stock up in just one trip. You can shop online as well at shopmyexchange.com

Thank you for all that you do to help keep our classrooms, our students, and your kids, learning!