Delicious Spring Appetizer Recipes

Spring is here, so let’s SPRING IT UP! Spring brings beautiful weather – it’s not too hot, not too cold, – it’s just right! During this beautiful weather, we get to enjoy family and friend gatherings while enjoying the beautiful outdoors with picnics and other fun outings.

Are you hosting a gathering soon? The gathering could be large or small, a birthday party, or a sports night! Whichever it is, NABISCO has some delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy. In fact, all of  these recipes can be made in 20 minutes or less!



RITZ Herb Cheese-Cucumber Bites:


RITZ Blintz Toppers:


RITZ Egg Salad Tulip Bites:


RITZ PB & Berry Flowers:

These recipes look amazing, so I know it’s going be tough not to make them all, unless you are like me, and choose to TRY them all! Its okay, you won’t be disappointed if you do!! Have fun making these with the kiddos and family too, as I’m sure everyone would love to join in on the easy and crafty snacks!