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Discover the adventure with the Tower Treasure

Oh kids, what an adventure we have in store this month! We have been on a kick of great adventures, and we are going to keep that going! February is usually a pretty busy month. School is back in session, and there are projects and homework due. But there is always time for reading!

Reading is not only a way to enhance your vocabulary, but many top educators say that by reading for at least 30 minutes a day, you can raise your SAT and ACT scores (when you are ready to take them). Aside from the educational benefits, there are other major benefits as well. Reading helps keep imaginations active. In a time where TV and video games are more popular than ever, exercising the mind keeps it agile.

This month, we are diving into a mystery of long-lost treasure. So for February, we are going to be reading “The Tower Treasure” with the Hardy Boys. Kids, if you ask your parents, I am sure that one of them read some of these books growing up. These are great mysteries, and enjoyable to many ages. I read all of these books when I was growing up, and then I started reading them to my boys. The following excerpt comes from goodreads.com:

After a dying criminal confesses that his loot has been stashed “in the tower” the Hardy Boys make an astonishing discovery.

Let’s get reading! I cannot wait to discuss this book with you all during our live!

Tower Treasure