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Fall Allergies? Meet Flonase!

The weather is cooling down, but your allergies may be flaring up!

Fall should be for flannels, warm drinks, nights by the fire, and not suffering from allergies.

Thankfully, there is Flonase!

With once-daily Flonase, you will find relief from nasal congestion along with runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and itchy nose! Not only will you find relief but savings when you shop Flonase at your local Commissary this August:

72 Ct Spray -$11.29 

144 Ct Spray -$18.12

Children’s 72 Ct Spray- $11.29

120 Ct Spray -$33.13 

No need to get a prescription; just head to your local Commissary and find relief in time for fall!