The Flu Season Has Been Extended!!

Tylenol® Cold and Flu Severe Day and Night Caplets

You don’t have to suffer through a nastily severe cold or flu thanks to relief for your symptoms from Tylenol! There are some awesome savings at your local Military Installation’s Defense Agency Commissary.  Be sure to check your local Defense Agency Commissary for the sale pricing on Tylenol Cold and Flu Severe Day and Night.  If you suspect you have the flu be sure to see your Primary Care Manager (PCM) or doctor to be checked.  If you think you have to flu be sure to wear a mask so you do not put others at risk as well.

Today I just went in to see my PCM to get another flu shot since the flu season has been extended through this upcoming Spring season.  Even if you haven’t gotten a flu shot yet for this year; you may want to schedule an appointment to get one. Tylenol is great for so many things – not just the flu! Whether you have a headache, muscle aches from working out, or a slight fever – Tylenol can help to relieve many of your aches and pains. Keep a bottle of Tylenol wherever you are! In the car, in a gym bag, backpack, first aid kit, kitchen and more! Wherever you go, Tylenol is right there with you.


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Look for Savings In-Store at Your Local Military Installation’s Defense Agency Commissary. Price is effective Feb. 1st thru Feb. 28th 2018 on a 24 count box.