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Making Progress

Zion had his annual ARD meeting recently and I got to hear how his progress is going. He mastered a speech goal and is making good progress on another one. They are adding another speech goal for him. He will need speech therapy for the next couple of years, but I have seen so much growth and progress in speech and it is pretty amazing. Going from when he was 2 years old and only saying 5-7 words, to now being able to have long, intelligible conversations with us, we are truly grateful for all the work his Speech Therapists have put in! It is a stark comparison to Amaiah, whom just turned 2, and is talking in almost complete sentences. It is amazing how different my two little ones can be. His teacher also noted that he’s reading simple sentences and is the top of the class when it comes to his academics. I always knew that even with limited speech Zion was very, very bright. He impresses me with his talk about space, real world things, and how well he can add and read. He turns 5 years in old in July and I feel like he is well beyond his years academically.

Zion still struggles in soccer. I think the anxiety takes over when it comes to the game. HOWEVER, last weekend, they had a double header and for the first time we saw him be more aggressive out on the field! He was kicking the ball, staying with it, and even stole it away from a few kids. We expressed how awesome he did, and I think it gave him some confidence. He says he wants to keep playing soccer, so we may sign him up again in the fall. There’s a summer league but it is only May and we have highs of 95-99 degrees. The summer practice/games will just be way too hot for our little guy. He isn’t a huge fan of the sun and that mixed with his asthma, I just think the fall would be a better time. One positive from this whole soccer experience is that he has made 3 friends. He actually remembers their names and plays with them appropriately! It makes me happy that he has become more socially appropriate and is actually able to make friends.

Moving back to school, I think we are pretty set on moving Zion to the school I teach at next year. I know as parents, most of us worry about our children often. I worry about Zion a lot. Daily, like all day daily. It is a stress that I often keep to myself so it eats away at me sometimes. When he comes home and tells me a little boy pushed him, hit him, or calls him a name, I feel helpless that I am not there to protect him. I know I need to let him grow and become independent, but as a mother of a special needs child, it isn’t something that comes easy. I feel like him being at school with me he will be more comfortable and I can be in the loop more of what goes on with him at school. I don’t get a ton of details on his days right now and often times I am not even told that he’s being picked on unless it is by him. Zion is a unique little guy, and not everyone understands his quirks. I feel like life for him right now is easy and the real challenge begins as he gets into the older grades.

Thank you for reading. It is because of this blog that I am able to channel for fears, hopes, and everything else. I don’t like to talk about things out loud. So writing them in this blog and letting everyone read it makes me feel like I am venting (just to a large population). I love to read your comments, suggestions, and just support in general that we get every month. Thank you again, we truly appreciate you!